José Antonio Sosa

Bachelor of Architecture (Technical University of Madrid), Doctor of Architecture and Professor of Architectural Projects at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, visiting scholar at the University of Harvard, 2000, Guest Critic, at ETH Zürich, Studio Basel, 2005. Senior partner at nred arquitectos. 


José Antonio has taken part in group exhibitions, such as  Hard & Soft, Eight Floor Gallery, (New York, 1997), Uno es Siempre Dos at the Professional Association of Architects of Tenerife; Espacios de Intimidad, Sala los Aljibes (Lanzarote, 2003), Arquitectura para la Justicia, COAC, (Madrid, 2005), Bienal (DakÁrt, 2004), Sao Paulo Architecture Biennial, (Brasil, 2005), “Regeneration Strategy”. National Library of China (Beijing, 2007),  Hong Kong “Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture”, “Refabricating City “ Shenzhen & -Hongkong Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture (Hong Kong, 2007), ”Sustainable Building” (Melbourne, 2008), Canary Islands Biennial of Art, Architecture and Landscape  (“Object Art”  Manuel Ojeda Gallery, Las Palmas. 2007 and 2009), “Una Ciudad Llamada España” (Athens, 2010/ Moscow, 2011). Individual exhibitions: Nred Arquitectos, Gabinete Literario (Las Palmas, 2006/ Tenerife, 2007), and at the AEDES  Gallery (Berlin, 2008).


First prize in: Design Ideas Competition for the Rehabilitation of the Gabinete Literario (1997), Competition for the Rehabilitation of the Town Hall of Palmas de Gran Canaria (1998-2002), Competition for the Venegas Public Square and Underground Car Park (2001), Competition for the New Judicial Headquarter in  Las Palmas (2004), Competition for the Puerto del Rosario Waterfront (2005), Competition for the La Regenta Art Center (2005). Third prize awarded in the Competition for the Madrid Slaughterhouse (2008). First Runner-Up Commendation Award in the Competition for the Renovation of the Antigua Tabakalera in San Sebastián (2008). Competition for the Train Station and Transport Interchange in Playa del Inglés (2011)


His professional work has been published in numerous specialized journals, Quaderns, BASA, Arquitectura (Madrid), Architecti, ON, Arquitectura Viva, Arquitectos, Domus China, DETAIL, Transfer… as well as books: “Guía de Arquitectura  de España 1920-2000” Edit. Tanais and in “Guía de Arquitectura Española 1929-1996” (Edit. Actar) “Lo moderno en España “de Gabriel Ruiz Cabrero (Edit. Tanais 2001). También en el “Diccionario Metápolis de Arquitectura Avanzada” (Edit. Actar 2002), in “Spanish Architecture”, (Padura, 2008), in “Build On” (Gestalten, Berlin 2009).... Two monographic volumes have also been published on his work: “NRED-ARQUITECTOS” (Gabinete Literario, Las Palmas, 2006), and “ABSTRACT NATURES” Nred Arquitectos”, (AEDES, Berlin, 2008). 


He has published several critical essays, among them: Contextualism and Abstraction. Interrelationship between Land, Landscape and Architecture. ICAP/ ULPGC 1995. Modern Architecture in the Canary Islands, COAC, 2002.


Member of the RACBA (Real Academia Canaria de Bellas Artes). May 2014.





Evelyn Alonso Rohner

BA (hons) and Pg Dip Architecture (RIBA), Universidad of Westminster London, Tutored by David Green (Archigram) and Jason Griffith. PhD in Architecture from the ULPGC.

 Evelyn´s professional career started in London after finishing university and in 2001 she moved to Gran Canaria where she opened her own office.

 From 2009 she started participating in architectural competitions with  many successful entries such as the Gold Medal in the Miami Beach Biennial, the Bering Straight International Competition, San Ginés (art installation) or the refurbishment of the Basílica de Nuestra Merced (by Oíza y Gutiérrez 1949). She also finished finalist of other international ideas competitions like Sofia metro station 20, or Townshift (Canada) where she and the artist Laura Gonzalez, explored trans-disciplinary working in the context of the urban space. In 2011 she merged her office with José Antonio Sosa.

She part time teaches a unit at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and has been invited as a Guest critic at GSD Harvard University, European University and KIT (Karlsruher Institute für Technologie).

Her work has appeared in many magazines such as Future Arquitecturas, Arquitectura Viva, Rita_07 by Redfundamentos editorial, and her work has been published in books such as “Confluences” by Silvana Editoriale, in  Urlaubsarchitektur or she has also published theoretical articles in books like Proyecto Momentum for the Rome 2025 Seminar.

She has been invited to participate as a speaker in national and international conferences such as the University of Miami, and the I Congreso Iberoamericano.


Her work has been exhibited in exhibitions around the world, from Seoul to Canada. Her latest award has been for her thesis (arquia/tesis).