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bering strait bridge 

e. alonso + s. sarmiento + m. pérez 

international ideas competition

+ design concept for thepeace park

Our proposed intervention is to re-unite the Islands that got separated by the illusory, human conventions called Today and Tomorrow; United States and Russia; Big and Small; Man and Nature.

This will be done using an above-ground installation symbolizing quantum entanglement through 11 strings crossing space and time between the Islands (the 11 strings represent the 11 dimensions employed in the most developed mathematical description of Nature: M-theory), while also projecting the more conventional, classical interconnection of the two Continents through the tunnel crossing the Strait below ground.

The illusion of separation is nowhere more relevant than on the Diomede Islands. The Islands, once entangled, will symbolize the vanity of political barriers and Nations. Their interconnectedness will transcend History and the vagaries of past political struggles that made them part of different Nations. It will also transcend the human conventions called Today and Tomorrow.

The Peace Park is conceived as an experience, a personal journey across the landscape of both islands, mapped on an uncertain, probabilistic basis (there is no per se itinerary), using a series of vertical informative elements (where the visitor will engage with the concept and makers of Peace) and horizontal contemplative platforms (where she will be invited to experience Peace itself), perhaps culminating in the approach to the Bridge.

A visitor undertaking the journey through the Park will be encouraged to leave the comfort of civilization and technology and engage with Nature as she wanders around the Island, sometimes in conflict with the elements. The visitor will be invited to sever the link with the natural world by walking into the piece memorial, a simple and pure outside shape betraying a complex internal topography, culminating in a vantage point for the 11 strings reaching across the Islands. The memorial will be mirrored on the Big and Small Diomede.

In the memorial, the visitor will engage with non-space in two ways: in the imaginary, visual expectation of the bridge reaching across the Islands and by experiencing the tri-dimensional shapes created by the interconnecting strings.

To preserve its sacred character, we ensure the space representing Peace can only be experienced but never reached. Physically, because there is no practicable above-ground connection. Visually, because the intersecting shapes will constantly evolve with perspective. The apparent isolation of this vantage point will also be revealed as an illusion: across non-space there is someone, sharing the same experience on the other side of the bridge, in the other half of the peace memorial.

As the visitor returns from her experience, our message will be simple – peace is a journey, not a destination; it is a place in constant evolution which can only be comprehended from a holistic perspective: an understanding that the world is deeply interconnected, that all actions invite a reaction, that everything and everybody are attached by these non-local strings, in some higher dimension. This is the Peace message of quantum entanglement; this is the Peace message of the re-united Diomede Islands.